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I okij went to his apartment to wait, my cock throbbing and my balls burned with desire for her. She was a very sensual woman, a wonderful lover, and I could not wait to see them again. It was long ago, we enjoyed last been together. When I reached the door which was ajar, I knew it was a pleasure that I expected the other side. With a gentle knock at the door, greeted by the sweet smell of her perfume and beautiful female musk me. Gradually he opened the door wearing one of my favorite costumes. A beautiful black basque for its huge hill, black lace stockings and hold -top shiny knee-high boots with pointed heels. She was a classic beauty with a touch of the proposed dress slutty. was in the hallway, almost purring as okij he looked at me. Our eyes met, but did not speak. I'm pretty my arms around his waist and lowered her ass squeeze tight. Normally I like a lot of foreplay, but I knew it was a woman quor as much as I need okij foreplay shit today would have to wait, it was time to do some serious shit ! Without hesitation, I let my knees to my face in the prime of his glorious bouquet. They had taken underwear, so I knew that they expect to be fucked while wearing sexy boots. Lick okij pussy and usually make fun of my okij tongue, but I just sucked my lips on hers and she by the mint in your mouth as much as I could. As he did, he began to cum hard when you allow a loud groan of pleasure. I looked over my shoulder to see, the door was still open, but did not care. I loved this woman! took to the kitchen and quietly forced on all fours. He quickly undressed and my cock wild obvious from my leather pants. When she saw my cock arched in anticipation, she okij lowered her elbows and was offered. I pulled my cock as I gently inserted in her hot slit. Pushing my cock in your body, began to leak ever so beautifully painful. I was a man in the sky With my hands caressing her beautiful ass, I began the rhythmic fucking this beautiful angel, who desperately needs to satisfy his passion for me. Each of my shots were deep and penetrating the vagina. I could feel my cock all the way to go until the end of your tunnel okij of love, and secretly glad that I am able to achieve this was far from her femininity. Once - in-a- while mock her and say it was about to get published. He wanted every time I did, I asked how concerned the hot sauce. Each time the answer was the same - '. ! Give it to me in my mouth and make your milk dripping from my face, motherfucker, fuck me' n As we took, she came several times with ever greater intensity. I had the pleasure of being able to fly my my desire to control the load and have enjoyed seeing how deep orgasms. For me it is a pleasure to see, to enjoy a woman as morand so nice and shit load hit From time to time I took my cock from her ass and tapped. With each stroke, she moaned in ecstasy of joy for me. I kept it for them, and gradually let the smell of the companies a little more each time. After a while he was on the cheeks a nice pink. I finally realized that they are always tired after so many consecutive orgasms. I wanted to end badly today, so I thought I was going to build a crescendo before they both wanted. I firmly clinging to his mane and pulled her head back when I said preparing for the last shit. Violent and angry, I took this beauty with all the tissues of the strength I could muster. She screamed with joy when each powerful thrust of my balls hit in his juices flowing. I could not last longer and take steps to prevent the tail just above my balls that blow my load in her pussy. For the celebration of her hair, she told me aboutto allow the smooth marble floor my cock into her mouth. It took me a bar slut hungry and literally swallowed him whole, as awaiting delivery. I grabbed my balls, so okij I could, and pulled my penis as he emptied his treasure pearl. As a woman who died of hunger, she okij held out her tongue, bright okij as most of the heat that drips onto her big tits to take. lick my cum dripping from her nipples and his load in my mouth, I kissed my first lover. The two purred other's arms and started auditioning.
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